Case Study: Dover Cylinder Head

The problem

The previous website was hand coded in pure HTML in 2008, and had barely been updated since then. There was no ongoing maintenance, and the owners didn’t have access to the backend in order to make edits or updates.
There was a video on the main page that didn’t play anymore, there were multiple typos that they weren’t able to fix, the “request a quote” link directed to that outside page that no longer exists, and it was nearly unreadable on mobile.

pro tip

Your website may have been top of the line when it was new, but think long and hard about when that was. Are you still using the same phone you were ten year ago?

The process

We worked with Dover Cylinder Head to determine the primary goals of their new website and went to work determining the best way of achieving them while keep the website clean and straight-forward.

  • Set up analytics tracking through google
  • Streamline the quote request process
  • Incorporate the new catalog in a way that will be easy to update

The solution

Dover Cylinder Head’s updated website includes a vibrant header image of a cylinder head on the main page, a comprehensive explanation of who they are and the products & services offered, a section highlighting great customer testimonials, and puts a focus on the ongoing social media efforts by importing the most recent Facebook post directly to the main page. We created a straight forward form for quote requests, added a page where the current catalog can be downloaded directly, and added a contact us page with a google map for the local customers who are planning to drop off their cylinder heads for repair. Because they also work with customers around the country, we included an alert bar that can be used to quickly communicate unexpected closures.