Case Study: Your Best Self

The problem

Your Best Self is a non-profit organization committed to providing opportunities for people with disabilities and various life barriers to be the best version of themselves. They are active in their community and post regularly on Facebook and Instagram, but did not have a single place to present their mission, background, work in the community, or accept donations.

The process

Our first step was to determine the most important aspects for the website in order to achieve the best results. Founder Carrie Martinez expressed that the two greatest benefits of the website would be increased awareness and the donations.

  • Share mission
  • Provide supports with a quick and secure way to make donations
  • Share success stories

giving back

Your Best Self was chosen to receive a customized website as part of Volunteer Week 2019, and we're so happy to have been able to meet Carrie and learn more about her mission!

The solution

Since we were working in tight timeframe, we wanted to maximize productivity time and knew we’d be using a free theme and customizing from there.

Day one was spent editing the logo, determining the color scheme, and familiarizing ourselves with the YBS’s mission by reviewing their Facebook. In the end, we chose the Charity Care theme (a child of Benevolent) because it already had several elements that we were looking for in the design and would save us a lot of time at the front.

On the second day, we created a final wireframe based on the theme design, reviewed all the submitted copy and images, and prioritized the project to ensure that the most important elements were completed first.

On day three, we updated the CSS to our color scheme, and created all the menus and the placeholder files for all the necessary pages. Unfortunately, this day was cut short and we didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as planned.

On the fourth day, we customized the existing PHP elements, including creating a full-width post/page option and editing the footer and front page content sections.

Days five and six were dedicated to creating custom display pages for the blog categories that are acting as main content (events and impact) as well as creating and customizing any and all other PHP pages.

On day seven, we laid in all of the provided content, created the final menus, built out all the widgets (including adding a last minute additional sidebar option for the blog pages), and generally checked everything.

It was a crazy week and definitely a push to get everything done, but we’re very happy with everything we accomplished in that time.

The result

Your Best Self’s new website includes custom imagery their events and incorporates the blue and green from the logo throughout the website, but also pulls in a complimentary orange for donations buttons in order to draw in visitors. The three pillars for the organization are laid out clearly on the front page so that visitors can see both the mission and how it happens immediately with further information available on subpages. There is also a blog page set up where Carrie can share both upcoming events and success stories.