Case Study: Teleios Ministry

The problem

Teleios Ministry is a non-profit ministry dedicated to assisting indigenous people in developing their God-given vision into an authentic, real-life ministry centered in Jesus Christ. To date, they support the visions of developing Christian businesses and social support groups in Kenya, Romania, Tanzania, and the United States.

They are seeking to reach out to a younger generation of missions-oriented partners, but their website was created in 2007 and had received only minimal updates and maintenance since.

The process

We worked with the ministry leaders to develop a new website that met their primary goals.

  • Incorporate the blog into the website in a way that allows for easy cross posting on social media
  • Detail each of the current projects by both region and financial need, and allow for donations to be made to specific projects
  • Include information about specific international partners in a way that allows the reader to connect with them on a more personal level

The result

We created separate sections for the work being done in Kenya, Romania, Tanzania, and the United States while ensuring that all the inter-relations are clearly outlined. We also created templates for Giving Tuesday and special holiday events.

This website was created using the Wix platform at the special request of the client.