not sure if you need a new website?

We’ll conduct an audit of your current site so you can know for sure. 

Don’t worry! If you choose to bring us on for a related project after the audit, we’ll factor that into the cost of the new project. 

Types of audits

Content Audit

We’ll review your site for basic grammar, readability, responsiveness, and usability as well as checking all links and media for functionality. You’ll receive a full report with errors, ambiguities, and errors of concern, and an action plan for improvements.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit

We’ll review how well your site is set up for current SEO practices. Your final audit will include areas of concern, an action plan for improvements, recommended keywords based on market research, and an analysis of your website’s performance based on 3-5 of your direct competitors.

Full Site Audit

The full site audit includes a review all content and SEO, plus the added benefit of a top-level accessibility review.

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