Case Study:

Try to Triumphant Tutoring

Sarah, a secondary education major in her last year at university, offers private tutoring services on the side. With so much of our everyday lives moving online, she knew she needed to upgrade her class-project google site to one that is more SEO-friendly, making it easier for students to find her.

The Problem

Sarah is a local university student in her last year as a secondary education major. When she isn’t balancing completing her degree with the new struggles of attempting to both learn and teach remotely – plus plan her wedding! – she also tutors area students.

Last year, Sarah created a Google Sites website for her tutoring business. Although she chose a good template and included well-written and helpful information, the website didn’t appear on search at all. Actually, I had to go back to her Facebook announcement of its launch to find a link even though I could search specifically for her name and the title of her website.

The Process 

Since the self-professed goal of the website is to make finding a tutor easy on parents, the first thing we wanted to do was consolidate all of the content to a single homepage, although we retained the same menu options from the original design.

For the redesign, we wanted to create a website that addressed three primary issues:

  • Upgrade the website URL to a custom domain.
  • Include SEO-friendly keywords and make the website easy to find through google.
  • Incorporate a contact form.

font The solution

Our first order of business was to help Sarah purchase a domain and set up hosting. That simple change will automatically make her website look more professional and make it easier for us to customize and set up SEO.

After we got WordPress set up, I moved all of Sarah’s existing content into a single page layout, then we got to work customizing it to showcase a balance of her personality and professionalism.

After the framework of the website was ready, I worked with her to find a fun new color scheme (I love the navy and gold she chose!) and updated her logo to match. We knew we wanted to make the headers a small caps serif, and we spent some time finding the perfect font for the whimsical dot underlining.

The Result

Although this website only took an afternoon to build thanks to its relative simplicity and the pre-existing content, I’m really happy with the final results.

Take a look at Try to Triumphant Tutoring, and keep Sarah in mind if you’re looking for a tutor in the Easley, South Carolina area!

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