Why Do Fonts Matter?

Posted on: 11.12.2018
Written by: Joshua
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We are blessed in more ways than one in this Digital Age. We no longer have to write out long works (manuscripts) or shorter works (blogs) by hand – unless we want to. We don’t, then, have to take our work to a printer and then painstakingly set the type for print. This is just an update in the last half of the millennium or so. Before that, everything you want a copy of had to be done by hand.

Why do Fonts Matter?

Now, handiwork will always have its place and without hand-copied manuscripts, much of the bevy of our bountiful blessings wouldn’t exist now. So, after we take a moment to thank the diligent work of all manner of peoples who ensured classic works and near contemporaries (of themselves) would be passed down to us, we can take a moment to talk about fonts.

Not why there are so many different varieties, or how to classify them, but the importance of choosing the right font for your project.

Immediately there are questions of semiotics and what you want your project to convey, not just say.

Not everyone who looks at your product, whatever that is, will read teh copy. But, by looking at it, something of the tone of the project, especially for flyers and websites, will be conveyed to the reader and could help bring in your target audience.

With all that in mind, let’s talk a little about choosing fonts.

If, in some small part, the font will help your audience find you, then that is likely to be the greatest narrowing of the available fonts. If you’re building a website, this is likely to be the greatest contributing factor. Just because it is to be viewed on a screen, it would be presumptuous to jump straight to sans serifs and never think of serifs. If your eyes are already glazing over, or terms like “serif” and “sans serif” leave you scratching your head, it’s important to have someone knowledgeable and passionate to help you with your project. A laser tag arena and a Real Estate website should not look the same.

Laser Tag Arena logo
Real Estate Website logo

“But what if the same template actually displays the necessary information for both businesses?” you may be asking. Simple: distinguish with fonts. Just take a look above and see if you notice any difference between “laser tag” and “real estate.”

This has only started to scratch the surface, so if you’re ready to talk fonts (or anything else), send us a message today!